Our Enrollment Process

School Visit: We encourage all parents to schedule a tour of the school and meet with Administration and the prospective teacher (if available). This will provide greater insight into making a sound decision. To schedule an appointment click here or on the icon to the left, or call us at (937) 283-6683.

Online Application: Complete an enrollment application (see below online process), then pay the registration fee. Note: paying the registration fee is the only assurance of securing an available spot.

Registration & Tuition Fees: 

Registration Fee: There is a $50 (non-refundable/non-transferable) registration fee for all students K5 thru 12th grade.  The registration fee is $100 for applications submitted after April 15. Payment is required upon submission of the application.  Registration Fee Checks should be made payable to: Wilmington Christian Academy, and may be mailed or delivered in person to: 642 Davids Drive, Wilmington OH 45177

Await Assignment: After receiving your enrollment application, all documents and registration fee, WCA will obtain transcripts, then contact you with specific instructions on classrooms, curriculum, supplies, etc. and next steps.

Wilmington Christian Academy provides an outstanding Christian education that builds future leaders.  We invite you to enroll your student now by following the below steps.

Tuition Fees: To review Tuition fees click here or click the $ icon above.

Paying Tuition:  Wilmington Christian works hard to keep tuition affordable. WCA uses FACTS Tuition Management pay system for parent tuition payments. Read more about FACTS Tuition Pay here.

Financial Aid: For information on scholarships and financial aid, visit:

Online Enrollment Center

To use our online enrollment process for all students (new and renewing), 

please follow and complete the steps below. 

(Parents of re-enrolling current students may skip to Step 2). 

For questions, or to arrange a school tour,

we invite you to contact admissions  at:  (937) 283-6683.

Assemble your original documents.

Read the Parent/Student Handbook & Technology Use Agreement. 

Complete and sign school PDF forms.

Complete the online application, upload the required PDF forms, and submit your application.





Step 2:  Read The Student/Parent Handbook

Download and read the Student/Parent Handbook  by clicking the above button

Required reading prior to enrolling at Wilmington Christian Academy...

Parents (and their students in grades 6 and above) will need to read two documents and then indicate their agreement to the polices and standards therein with a signature when completing the online enrollment application.  

& Technology Use Agreement

Download and read the Student Technology Use Agreement by clicking the above button

You will be prompted in the online application to acknowledge agreement of both documents.

Click the red PDF document buttons below to download and print these two important documents to read - and keep as a handy reference.

Step 3: Download & Complete These Documents

The below PDF forms need to be completed and signed in their original format for ALL STUDENTS. (Returning and New, unless other wise noted) and submitted.

To complete and submit these forms online, click the PDF download button and print. Then complete the form, sign, scan as a PDF and you may attach them to your application when submit your Enrollment Application form in the final step of this process below. 

Please complete the above forms, scan and save as a PDF or JPG file, then attach them when you submit your Enrollment Application below, or deliver them in person/by mail. 

ALTERNATIVE DELIVERY METHODS: Alternatively, you may deliver all of the PDF forms via one of these methods:   (A) IN PERSON; Download, print, complete and sign all required forms and deliver to our school office.  (B) US MAIL: You may mail them to us at this address: Attention: Admissions, Wilmington Christian Academy, 642 Davids Drive, Wilmington OH 45177.   (C) FACSIMILE: Fax documents to us at (937) 383-1319;     (D)  EMAIL: You may email documents to: info@wilmingtonchristiank12.com.  NOTE:  The Enrollment Application itself  (Step 4 below) must be completed online.

Updated Immunization Record, Grades 1 through 12. You may use this form to collect immunization records from your physician (must be signed by physician) or submit your Physician's Form.

Request for School Transcripts & Documents (NEW STUDENTS ONLY)

Kindergarten Physical Exam & Immunization Records (KINDERGARTEN ONLY). Your may use this form, or submit your Physicians form.

Almost done!  Your final online enrollment step is below!

Step 4:  Complete & Submit The Enrollment Application

Press the button above to begin your application

You may attach the signed PDF forms from above to 

your application, or you may deliver them in person, 

mail, fax or email. 

Click here to begin your application >

For NEW enrollees...

Re-enroll Returning Students Here

Click here to begin your application >

For RETURNING students...

Press the button above to begin your application.  At the conclusion, you will be prompted to upload the signed PDF's from Step 3 above before you press "submit".  

If more time is needed, you can pause your application and come back to it.

NOTE: If you are enrolling a student in grades 6 or above, their signature will also be required in the application.

NOTE:  Your application fee must be paid ($50 before April 15th, $100 thereafter) in order for your application to be considered.

Questions? Call us : (937) 283-6683

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Telephone: (937) 283-6683     |     Fax: (937) 283-9541